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Are you finding the business of importing and exporting your goods complicated, difficult and bureaucratic?  Let us unravel this complicated area with our expertise and without burdening your in-house resources.

Qualified Experts

Highly competent customs agents are right here to support you with every aspect of importing, exporting and transiting of your goods.

Audit Compliance

We draw on trade expertise across a range of audit compliance advice to keep our clients safe and secure from incorrect and unwanted accounting issues.

A Green Routing at the time of goods movement does not always mean audit compliance.

Support & Training

We offer professional support and training to guide you through the importing, exporting and transiting of your valuable goods.

About Us

Customs is fraught with all sorts of complications and can be extremely daunting.  Rest assured we are here to simplify and streamline all of that for you.

Are you struggling with importing, exporting or transiting your goods? Is this having an impact on your livelihood and wellbeing?  We have the know-how to get the job done, and done well. We’ll take the sting out of it all to ensure that your goods arrive and leave on time without hidden duties, needless delays and unneccessary frustration.

We are a qualified and experienced customs clearance agency who are highly skilled in moving all manner of goods;  From vehicles to building materials, from Agri machinery to foodstuffs and abolutely everything else in between, let us organise the movement of your precious goods in an efficient manner whilst keeping you audit compliant and so that you can put your energy into your area of expertise.

Any part of the world is a mere stone’s throw away so why not take advantage of that to progress and positively sustain your business for success?

Irish Import, Entry Summary Declarations & UK Import Declarations – IE & UK Export Declarations – Customs and Audit Compliance – Tariff Classification and Commodity Codes –Duties and Charges – Regulations, Restrictions, Authorisation and Documentation Requirements – Rules of Origin – Incoterms – Temporary Imports and Exports – Inward and Outward Processing – Transfer of Residence – Pre-Boarding Notifications (PBNs) – UK Goods Movement References (GMRs) – Common Health Entry Documents (CHEDs) – Application for Certification for Export of Agri and Restricted Goods – International shipping & routing options – TAN Account Facilities 


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What we do for you

We offer Professional Customs Solutions, Consultation, Support and Training tailored to your specific needs. We will walk you through Importing & Exporting of your valuable goods from start to finish. With us you will be in a safe pair of hands and will save valuable time, effort and money. Leave it to us to process the paperwork, communicate with the Authorities, get your goods to the right place at the right time and you rest assured that you are audit compliant.

Services We Provide

Import, Export and Transit Declarations

Complimentary Audit Compliance Check

Entry Declarations for Safety & Security

Establishing Origin of Goods

Obligations to Authorities for Specific Goods

Commodity Codes Direction and Advice

Customs & Excise Duties & Charges

Logistics Guidance

VAT Obligations

Customs Compliance Rules

Incoterms Advice

Health Entry Declarations for Agri Goods & Foodstuffs

How We Work

Consult. Expert advice and direction so that you will understand the Customs process, whilst bearing in mind any specific details of goods and so that you fully understand your responsibilities and any extra import/export obligations alongside any duties, charges and VAT obligations that may be applied
Quote. Costs are tailored to processing of documentation for your specific goods and supplied prior to beginning the job.
Explore. Documentation and particulars necessary for the goods and the process to ensure that everything is correct and proper from the Customs perspective, whilst addressing and eliminating any needless delays or extra costs.
Research. Delving into the particular requirements of importing/Exporting goods and establishing that you, your documentation, product information and codes are in order for processing and acceptance by Customs.
Advise. Make certain that your goods will arrive at your door in an efficient fashion whilst verifying that you are 100% audit compliant.
Complete. Supplying of all of the final documentation for your files so that you adhere to your accounting obligations with Revenue.
Price. Once declarations are submitted and routing is received you will be invoiced.

“Globalization is a fact because of technology, because of an integrated global supply chain, because of changes in transportation, and we’re not going to be able to build a wall around that.”

Barack Obama

“Customs is a complicated matter and can be extremely daunting but we are here to simplify and streamline it all for you. Customs requirements are neither 9 to 5 nor Monday to Friday, so neither are we.”
Melissa Carroll
Lead Consultant

Latest News

A Green Routing Doesn’t Mean Audit Compliance.

Beware the rationale that you are audit compliant simply because your goods have been Green Routed to move through a border.  Products are often given the go ahead based on information declared and which on the face of it looks legitimate however, errors and misdeclarations lie therein rendering these declarations noncompliant. The word customs agent…

Obligations as Part of the Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Obligations for Importing and Exporting

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The import/export process.

Commodity Codes Explained

Learn all about commodity codes.

The Brexit Effect on Economy.

According to the CSO, imports from Great Britain decreased by €906 million.

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